1. Registration

First of all, check whether this grant is likely to meet your needs and you are eligible to apply. If so, register on the website and you will receive a link to an online Expression of Interest form. Download our guidance document for more information

2. Expression of Interest

Complete the form online. It will be assessed within 10 working days, with a check whether you are eligible and can meet the criteria. If so you will be sent a link to the full application form. If not you will get feedback. You may reapply if eligible. View pdf of the EOI form (for info only – the application process is all online).

3. Application Form

Complete this and submit online within one month. You will be asked for a business plan and other documents, which you can upload or post. View pdf of the application form (for info only – the application process is all online).

4. Appraisal

Your application for funding will be appraised within 15 working days. The appraiser may contact you with additional questions, before making their final recommendation to the Investment Panel.

5. Investment Panel

The Investment Panel will meet monthly to decide whether to approve (possibly with conditions) or reject applications, or invite resubmission of a revised application. If rejected you will get feedback. The Panel’s decision will be final.